A team effort

Barbara Brown and Margie Flynn say
partnership may be an overused term,
but it’s one to live by at BrownFlynn,
the corporate responsibility and sustainability consulting firm where they are
both principals and co-owners.

“We make the concept come to life by
demonstrating our willingness to go the
distance and even overdeliver,” Flynn says.
“We are completely invested in our
clients’ success. They know they are top of
mind, and we are accessible and timely in
our responses to their needs.”

Listening is the core component of the
firm’s customer service. A client team is
formed for each new project to give the
most talent and expertise as possible to
that customer. A note is sent when a new
contact is made, providing all contact
information so clients know the team is
accessible day or night.

Client orientations also take place to
make sure all the tools are in place for specific customer preferences.

“We attempt to uncover any pet peeves
the client may have or any past negative
customer service experiences that we can
make sure to avoid,” Flynn says.

Regular follow-ups are done to see if the
firm is meeting customer needs and expectations, and employees are constantly
looking for ways to improve service. Free
reviews are offered every six months for
two years after ending a project to assess
progress, make additional recommendations and ensure the customer is still satisfied with the work.

Clients are also given a look into the
inner workings of BrownFlynn. The firm
hosts a series of informal “Inside View”
breakfasts to expose clients to the culture
and other key business contacts and vendors. Flynn says this helps clients build
new relationships.

HOW TO REACH: BrownFlynn, www.brownflynn.com or
(440) 484-0100