A trusted resource: Elmer’s Products solidifies itself as a brand of choice for the education community

Elmer’s School Glue is synonymous with education. We all remember buying school supplies in the fall and packing the iconic white bottle with its orange cap in our backpacks.

“Elmer’s has been a staple in schools for many years, and we’ve been asked, ‘How do you make glue?’ many times,” says Terri Brown, director of consumer engagement at Elmer’s Products Inc.

The Westerville-based company understands that students and teachers are one of its core user groups — and to help solidify that relationship between business and consumer, Elmer’s works extensively with the education community.

“Through the Elmer’s Teachers Club, we provide lesson plans, creative classroom project ideas, discussion boards and more. Being a trusted resource for this community helps to solidify Elmer’s as the brand of choice,” Brown says. “Nationwide, school systems have been affected by massive budget cuts. If we want to see students succeed, we consider it a responsibility to provide the resources we can to make that happen.”

Having a two-way conversation

Developing a two-way dialog between your company and consumers not only solidifies brand awareness, it also helps with development.

“Elmer’s has always been true to its desire to be the most trusted school glue in the classroom,” Brown says. “It’s in our DNA to be a part of classrooms, and Elmer’s has been able to accomplish this by providing resources, being authentic and developing beneficial content for parents and teachers.

“The Elmer’s Teachers Club has given us the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with educators. We get to learn their needs and respond to these through the content we develop. The feedback we receive from this highly influential user group is invaluable.”

Educating the future workforce

Reaching out to the education community isn’t just about teachers; it’s about educating students, who are future employees.

The latest interactive lesson plan developed by Elmer’s, “The World of Glue: An Investigation of Adhesives,”  teaches students about the science of polymers and common adhesives. It’s supported with hands-on activities and the award-winning children’s book, “Too Much Glue,” by Jason Lefebvre.

“Now, students can think of Elmer’s glue in a more holistic way from its ingredients to how it makes things stick. Glue is more than the adhesive used to make an art project — it’s science in and of itself,” Brown says. “Glue is fun for kids, and this lesson plan helps students understand how an everyday item like glue actually works.”

Another example is Elmer’s Presentation Ready microsite, which provides parents and students with steps for creating presentations, such as science fair projects, and connects them with the right products to put the assignment together.

“Elmer’s becomes a better company through initiatives like this because we’re providing innovative content that helps advance and educate students, and ultimately our future workforce,” Brown says.

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