A winning philosophy

People are important to
Curtis J. Moody. As an athlete and student at The Ohio State University, he learned
from coach Fred Taylor that
you always win with people and
that it’s important to have the
right people on your team.

And to create that winning
team, Moody makes his 170
employees feel important at
Moody•Nolan Inc. by celebrating birthdays and anniversaries
and by hosting company gettogethers.

“It lets people know we
understand there’s a human
side to what they’re doing, and
it’s not just all about them coming in here eight hours a day
and that’s all we know about
them,” Moody says about how
he operates at the $24.7 million
architecture, civil engineering
and interior design firm.

Smart Business spoke with
Moody•Nolan’s founder, president and CEO about how to
attract the right people to your
company and how to develop
relationships with them.

Q. How do you find employees
who have the qualities you are
looking for?

The best source is our employees themselves to determine if
they know others in the industry who would be a good fit.
Our preference is to talk to our
people, talk to people they
know and to seek out others
who would be a good fit.

It has to do with whether a
person can work independently
without having to be totally
supervised on a regular basis.
We like to find people who are
self-motivators, who can work
independent and work in a
team environment.

We’ll look to see if they’ve
been in those situations and
what their experience was.
Sometimes, individuals will say
what their preference is as far
as working environment. …
Sometimes, we’ll see that
through resumes, and other
times, it’s actually hard to find
that out until you actually hired
the person.