A world of smart ideas

Inspiration + Ideas = Innovation.

At it very best, innovation can revolutionize an entire industry. More often, it changes the way we live and what we think. It’s the development of new products, implementation of smart ideas and institution of more efficient ways to do business. Innovation helps boost production, attract and retain employees and save money.

Companies boast about how innovation drives their success, but how often do they share their insight with other business owners?

SBN magazine is proud to explore the world of innovation through the first annual Innovation in Business Conference, sponsored and co-developed by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio, a company which prides itself on innovation in the health care realm.

In the following pages, we’ll examine 12 individuals who have made a significant impact on their respective industries and society through their smart ideas. We’ll steal a glimpse into their minds and find out what drives their innovation.

Four of these individuals have arrived. We honor them as Master Innovators. Five others are revolutionaries in their industries, visionaries one step ahead of the pack. Finally, we have three rising stars, people whose names you may not be familiar with and whose companies you may not know, but whose ideas and progress are worth watching.

When you’ve finished reading these stories, you may just have an inspiration that you can use in your own company. And if you do, don’t forget to tell us about it and how it worked, because who knows, next year it could be you we’re writing about.

Dustin S. Klein ([email protected]) is editor of SBN.