Ahoy, pirates, come clean

If your company’s computers contain software which you didn’t legally pay for — which makes you a software pirate — now’s the time to come clean.

So says the Business Software Alliance, a Washington, D.C.-based organization made up of major computer software developers whose mission is to help monitor and enforce the software copyrights of its members against those who copy the software illegally.

The alliance has declared a temporary truce against violators in Pittsburgh, which means pirates in the region have been granted a month-long grace period to bring their software into compliance. By doing so, the alliance notes, violators can avoid fines and other penalties.

According to the alliance, software piracy last year cost the U.S. software industry $3.2 billion and continues to grow in scope.

So, from Aug. 15 to Sept. 15, local companies have been granted an opportunity to check their existing software and voluntarily purchase legal copies. The benefit? Those participating in the truce will be excused from reports of software violations occurring prior to Sept. 15. How to reach: The Business Software Alliance, (202) 872-5500, or [email protected]