Akron Woman’s City Club is a second family to many of its members

In 1923, a group of ladies from Akron formed a club exclusively for women. It was just a few years after the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote, and they wanted a venue through which they could learn more about the world in which they lived. The women were educated and well traveled, and liked the idea of continuing their education through lectures, seminars and programs of interest.

The Akron Woman’s City Club has today grown into a place where young business women can meet and talk with each other as well as women who have retired from the workplace — “Both groups enrich one another,” says Bet Godard, an Akron Woman’s City Club member since 1973 and member of the board of trustees — and it’s a place where widows and single women and men can find a second family.

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