Alan Schulman, president and CEO, Glentronics Inc.

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The sump pump market in which Glentronics Inc. competes is very established and has dozens of competitors. Prior to the company entering the field, much of it was dominated by one product. Today, that product is almost nonexistent, and Glentronics leads the market these days. Alan Schulman, president and CEO of Glentronics, is the man behind that growth.

Schulman believes that perseverance and a positive attitude will allow him to achieve any goal. These traits were essential to Schulman developing the first Glentronics product, the Basement Watchdog battery backup sump pump. It took 2½ years to develop from concept to availability, but Schulman had a feeling he was on to something that would become popular.

Twenty-two years later, Glentronics commands 85 percent of the world market for backup sump pumps. Since the company’s inception in 1989, its master theme has been to create proprietary products that provide users a superior method of accomplishing a task. From one brand of sump pump to four different models today, Glentronics has expanded its technology and has developed several patents.

The competitive advantage of the Basement Watchdog and PHC Pro Series branded backup sump pumps has been the unique self-monitoring features incorporated into the controllers. These alarm and monitoring features alert the user when maintenance is needed while performing dependably and offering energy savings.

It is Schulman’s goal to get the whole sump pump industry to use his energy-efficient design. With only the concept of building a better mousetrap, Schulman and Glentronics have established a brand known for quality products.

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