Alan Woll, CEO, Network Polymers Inc.

Alan Woll, CEO, Network Polymers Inc.

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Alan Woll knew he wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel when he co-founded Network Polymers Inc. 26 years ago. His avenue for success lay in differentiating from competitors through outstanding customer service offerings and quality, sustainable products.

The Akron-Ohio based company is a global leader and single source provider of custom engineering thermoplastics and consulting services, with a broad spectrum of thermoplastic resins and alloys that advance the polymer marketplace. CEO Woll began operations under a vision to connect customers to consistent supply channels, offer competitive pricing, deliver custom formulations and offer customers a wide range of technical support capabilities.

Two years after Network Polymers’ start, a joint venture was established to create Diamond Polymers. This venture combined proven technologies and manufacturing capabilities to produce a broad product portfolio of resins and alloys with enduring performance properties. In 2002, Diamond Polymers became a wholly owned subsidiary of Network Polymers, and now boasts the rank of fourth largest producer of ABS and ASA in North America.

In addition to highly durable products, Network Polymers’ success lies in the company’s prioritization of green thinking when developing new materials. It creates substitutes for less environmentally friendly products, and also makes extreme weather-withstanding products that eliminate the need for VOC-emitting gel coat and paint sprays on exterior products.

A number of the company’s materials not only meet but also exceed various governmental directives and regulations, such as REACH, RoHS and WEEE. The company implements numerous recycling programs and energy-conservation initiatives as well.

Network Polymers continues to reinvent its processes and products, but Woll keeps the company focused on its basic philosophy: quality, service and technical excellence.

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