Alex Kazerani, chairman and CEO; James Segil, president, EdgeCast Networks

Alex Kazarani, chairman and CEO, EdgeCast Networks

Finalists – Technology

For Alex Kazerani and James Segil, starting a Web hosting company in the ’90s involved significant risk and uncertainty. However, the co-founders accepted that risk and uncertainty and built EdgeCast Networks into a position of strength.

The primary differentiators for EdgeCast revolve around the technology — fewer servers, massive amounts of storage, intelligent routing, and excellent reporting and analytics. These tools enable content publishers to control their content, understand who is accessing it and generate revenue from its distribution.

Kazerani, chariman and CEO, and Segil, president, have been committed since day one to a flexible and rewarding environment for the people within the company. They actively encourage team members to maintain a good work/life balance and pursue external personal goals.

One example of this is EdgeCast’s first employee, who was

James Segil, president, EdgeCast Networks

given flex time to complete her education. This is rare in a start-up where employees are often expected to fully commit days and nights to the company. These efforts have unquestionably fostered goodwill and a sense of dedication within the culture of EdgeCast Networks — employees realize the company truly cares about them and their lives outside of the business. That commitment is returned in kind. It is beneficial for employees and also has been a significant help in attracting new talent to the company.

Kazerani and Segil are both involved in the community. Kazerani is currently, via the Kahrizak Charity Foundation, the sponsor of two Iranian children who were victims of the 2003 Bam earthquake. He has committed to paying the children’s expenses until their college years.

Segil has been a board member and active participant of The Giving Spirit for three years. The nonprofit organization helps more than 3,000 of Los Angeles’ homeless every year by providing them with survival kits and other resources.

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