Allegheny County’s Nonprofits

In 2014, The Forbes Funds, The Pittsburgh Foundation and United Way of Allegheny County set out to understand the unique role and contributions of community focused nonprofits.



Of the


community-focused nonprofits of Allegheny County:


have operating budgets of $100 million or less.



Annual economic impact

$4.5 billion in annual revenues.

$9 billion total economic output.

100,000+ direct and indirect jobs.

$377 million state and local taxes generated.


Preventative programs save lives and taxpayer dollars

$16 vs. $54

Short-term costs per day for Allegheny County inmates outweigh long-term costs. Crime prevention services result in fewer jail-bed days, shorter probation, decreased number of court appearances and fewer arrests.

12% vs.  41%

Seventy-five percent of the Training Institute of Pittsburgh’s students were formerly incarcerated. TIP’s re-arrest rate is 29 percent below Pennsylvania’s average, a massive improvement on top of how the program encourages livable wages and long-term employment.

$48  vs. $206

Success in foster care often avoids the more substantial costs of group homes and residential settings.


A vital employer

Community focused nonprofits are responsible for providing 8.7% of local residents with jobs.

106,392 total jobs

75,092 direct nonprofit jobs

31,300 indirect and induced jobs



of Pennsylvania nonprofits had to use emergency funding to maintain 2013 service levels.