Andres Reiner, President and CEO, PROS Holdings Inc.

Andres Reiner, President and CEO, PROS Holdings Inc.


Andres Reiner joined PROS Holdings Inc. in 1999. After six years he proposed a directional shift for the company away from its roots as a developer of revenue management software for airlines because he felt the airline market wouldn’t sustain PROS as a publicly traded company.

Reiner envisioned a vertical platform with solutions for multiple industries, and thus began the second phase of PROS’ history: business-to-business pricing software for manufacturing, distribution and service companies.

In 2007, Reiner recommended that PROS open its first European office, and he concurrently expanded Professional Services, which he led, to support PROS’ growth. In early 2010, the PROS board asked Reiner to manage the company’s marketing, and Reiner hired PROS’ first chief marketing officer. In November 2010, based on years of leadership success with the company, Reiner was appointed PROS’ president and CEO.

Reiner catalyzed PROS’ signing partnership agreements with Accenture and Microsoft, and in his first year at the helm, he expanded the company’s program to include resellers, created innovation cells to bolster product development, announced Project 95, a plan to bring pricing software to the mainstream, engaged an employee committee on being a top 100 company, and hired 100 people.

Also in Reiner’s first year, PROS entered the midmarket with its first cloud-based product, and the cloud is becoming an even greater focus for the company in 2012, including the expansion of Pros’ core portfolio with products and services that customers have requested.

Unlike most software companies, PROS doesn’t recognize revenue until customers have successfully implemented their software. This approach aligns PROS’ financial performance with its customers’ success.

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