Andrew Sieja, president and CEO, kCura Corp.

Technology – Finalist

The early days of kCura were filled with many sleepless nights as Andrew Sieja crisscrossed the country with his laptop trying to build a business. He’d go to trade shows alone and fall asleep on hotel room floors working to get software out to potential users.

He knew what they needed and early on, it fell upon him to make sure they got it.

As the business has grown into an e-discovery software company with more than 200 employees, that level of accountability has not diminished. While he does have a team of people around him to help make things happen, Sieja still holds himself to the same high standards he did when he first launched the business.

He’ll get up in front of his employees and talk about mistakes he made or opportunities he missed and how he could have done it better. Then he goes out and makes sure he doesn’t repeat the mistake. His goal is to show employees how important it is to follow through and to not place blame when that doesn’t happen.

As president and CEO, Sieja has built close ties with his employees and his clients, which haven’t been affected by the growth of the firm. He still wants kCura to be a place where people love to come to work, and he wants Chicagoans to be proud to have kCura doing business in their neighborhoods.

Sieja listens to his employees and implements their ideas. He makes them feel as if it’s their company too, because he really believes it should be that way. Sieja has put kCura in great position to keep on growing.

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