Animal magnetism

When Kevin Vasquez joined Butler Animal Health Supply in 1999 as executive vice president and COO, the privately owned company was struggling to stay afloat.

Vasquez brought a financial profit and loss discipline to the company and redefined Butler’s mission, vision and strategy.

Within a year, Butler was back on track and making money, but Vasquez knew a bigger change was needed — the family that owned the company needed to give up its control. An exit strategy was developed for the family, and in 2004, Vasquez became president.

As part of the strategy, Vasquez brought in an outside investor to assist in the buyout. Vasquez had earned a 20 percent stake in the newly held Columbus-based company, a stake he subsequently distributed to the company’s employees.

With Butler turned around, Vasquez — today president and CEO — completed an acquisition that resulted in Butler becoming the largest veterinary distribution company, serving more than 25,000 veterinary clinics across the United States.

For Vasquez, one of the keys to Butler’s success has been a commitment to the vision and strategy of the organization. Every employee’s knowledge and support of the vision is essential to the company’s success, something Vasquez believes in so strongly that the mission statement — “Satisfy the customer, to deliver the right product at the right time at the right price” — is posted on the restroom walls.

To ensure the company is meeting that goal, more than 80,000 customer satisfaction surveys are mailed out to measure the company’s performance. With a 97 percent satisfaction rate, Butler is succeeding.

How to reach: Butler Animal Health Supply, (614) 659-1716 or