Are there enough employees to go around?

So, you want to expand your business in a few years, but you’re not sure if the people will be there to fill your new positions. Don’t fret. The Ohio Bureau of Employment Services has a publication that lets you peek into the future of the labor force and market trends.

Available through OBES’ Labor Market Information Division, Ohio Job Outlook to 2006 predicts that Ohio’s labor force will increase to 6.216 million by the year 2006. The demographic report says women’s share of the Ohio work force is projected to increase to 48.6 percent, with male workers supplying about half of the labor force entrants over the 1996-2006 time span.

The report projects that more than 650,000 new jobs will emerge and most of the job growth will be in service-producing industries. Professional specialty occupations are expected to grow at the fastest rate, adding 217,690 jobs.

“Job growth is expected to continue to increase faster than the number of individuals entering Ohio’s labor force, creating a high demand for labor,” says LMI Director Keith Ewald. “In general, Ohio’s economy will continue to be favorable, providing jobs for workers at all educational levels, but individuals with more education and training will enjoy better job opportunities.”

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