ArtiFlex formulates efficient, effective and customer-pleasing manufacturing solutions

ArtiFlex Manufacturing LLC has a name derived from two words: artisan and flexible. They’re two words that define the essence of Artiflex’s business. “Artisan” signifies the company’s diligence when it comes to working with customers to design and build high-quality, cost-effective tools. “Flexible” indicates the company’s ability to utilize its multiple locations, many presslines and organizational DNA to meet the needs of its customers.

Led by CEO Erin Hoffmann, Artiflex has been building on these core competencies to better recognize the way in which the company can be useful to the niche vehicle market. ArtiFlex has expanded into current production model work, including work involving the electric version of the Ford Focus and the new Cadillac ELR, to be launched in 2014.

The new projects have meant the implementation of new standards at ArtiFlex, which has entailed a paradigm shift in the culture of the manufacturing personnel and the professional staff, as well as a retooling of the company’s production systems.

In order to begin the paradigm shift, the leadership team selected an area of the business that it felt would generate the highest results in the shortest amount of time, ultimately settling on the project for the Ford Focus electric car.

Faced with a complicated production process, the manufacturing leadership team met daily on the production floor with employees to identify bottlenecks and obstacles to quality, delivery and cost-effectiveness. Employees were empowered to attend meetings and propose resolutions to problems. Their experience and knowledge was a key to the project’s success.

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