ASPIRE 2018 will showcase Pittsburgh’s entrepreneurial expertise

In March 2018, many of the region’s finest entrepreneurs, investors and dealmakers will gather together for the inaugural ASPIRE Conference in Pittsburgh.

This premier dealmaking event will be a chance to gain expertise and valuable perspective on buying and selling businesses, raising capital and conducting successful liquidity events. Metz Lewis Brodman Must O’Keefe is the title sponsor and a number of other well-known Pittsburgh firms have already agreed to lend their support to the conference.

ASPIRE 2018 will feature dynamic keynote speakers and panel discussions that will explore the mechanics of dealmaking and offer the opportunity to learn from some of the men and women who make business happen in the Pittsburgh region. It represents a tremendous opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs. They can gain first-hand knowledge from those who have seen it all on how to turn challenges into opportunities and enable their businesses to reach full potential.

The first ASPIRE Conference debuted last year in Cleveland to a sold-out crowd and attendees walked away with all kinds of useful lessons to take back to their respective companies. Business leaders were able to network with peers and perhaps lay the groundwork for their next big deal. They valued the opportunity to meet with other people and engage in face-to-face conversations.

ASPIRE 2018 is geared for entrepreneurs who are always thinking about the next step in business. We all take pride when a plan comes together and leads to a successful outcome. We take the time to review what worked and didn’t work and we consider the takeaways from the experience. Then it’s quickly on to the next task where a new plan of action will take shape. For a lot of entrepreneurs, it’s that journey and the ups and downs along the way that fuels their spirit and drives their passion. The journey to make a deal is what this conference is all about.

Many of the leaders we’ve spoken with over the years in Smart Business have shared that it was a casual conversation or an informal meeting that led to the start of their own company. Entrepreneurs are forward thinkers who are always prepared to get to work on the next great idea. You never know when that idea or opportunity will present itself and what it could lead to.

Don’t miss out on this unique occasion to hone your skills and put yourself in the best position to maximize the value of your company with some of the brightest business minds in Pittsburgh. Keep an eye out for more details about ASPIRE 2018 as we get closer to the event.

To learn more about ASPIRE 2018, contact Katie Janoch at (440) 250-7073 or [email protected]


Fred Koury is the president and CEO of Smart Business Network Inc., the publisher of Smart Business magazine and operates Convero, a customer and employee engagement firm.