A battle plan for the war for talent

Today’s business environment calls for a new and fresh approach to attract new talent and retain existing staff in the war for talent.

To maintain the most competitive standing, organization leaders need to know what employees want from their current company and what job seekers expect when searching for a new job. While compensation usually tops the list of benefits employees are looking for from a new employer, today’s workforce is searching for more than just a bigger paycheck. As the search for talent grows tighter, the idea of offering more benefits, services and activities are transforming the employer and employee engagement.

In order to compete for the best talent, organizations should consider developing talent attraction and retention strategies that set you ahead of the competition. Here are some ideas that may help your organization win in the war for talent:

  • Establish a fun work environment and opportunities for camaraderie amongst teammates within your organization. Fostering an environment where people enjoy not only the work they do, but also who they work with.
  • Provide an ability for employees to cash-in accrued paid time off.
  • Allow employees the flexibility to avoid rush hour by shifting their schedule earlier or later. Also, allow employees the ability to work remotely from home.
  • Increase the employer match to your retirement plans.
  • Add flexible medical coverages with lower out-of-pocket costs.
  • Onsite services — dry cleaning, childcare, car wash, etc. — remove the extra trip during the commute by having services at your place of work.
  • A company paid breakfast and/or lunch keeps them in the building and potentially more productive.
  • Paid time off to volunteer — allowing your teams to volunteer during work hours can be a very rewarding team-building event.
  • Foster competition with awards and incentive trips for top performers.
  • Add employee appreciation events — ballgames, picnics and team-building activities.
  • Provide a clear career path and identify opportunities for personal growth.


Attracting talent and retaining your staff is more important as the war for talent continues to rage. All organizations are competing for the same top talent and it is not a level battlefield. If you haven’t developed a leading talent attraction and retention strategy, your organization could be in danger because your people are being recruited every day.


Greg Lignelli is the COO of System One Holdings LLC delivers workforce solutions and integrated services to help clients get work done more efficiently and economically, without compromising quality.