Benny Lee, CEO, DuraComm Corp.

Benny Lee, DuraComm Corp.


Benny Lee


DuraComm Corp.

Benny Lee had become the majority shareholder of DuraComm Corp., an industrial power supply builder and distributor, and right away, he knew something had to be improved.

Lee, who is now CEO and sole owner, saw that the company was tied to one large national customer, which he believed was not an optimum situation. In fact, during his time with DuraComm, a majority of the business had been through 10 customers or less.

“This had proven extremely difficult and had put the company in a risky position,” Lee says. “I made it my goal to expand the customer base within the power supply business, as well as by expanding into green energy markets through both solar energy and LED lighting.”

Lee then implemented a comprehensive expansion strategy, seeking additional business segments and developing new lines of power supply products and compact models that took advantage of new technologies.

He launched an LED lighting division in 2009. The company outgrew its 10,000-square-foot facility, so Lee moved DuraComm to a 47,000-square-foot facility and added another 2,200 square feet of space to that warehouse.

When Lee took over DuraComm, the existing managers spent the majority of their time deep in the details of the business and focused less time on the bigger picture.

They are now moving toward Lee’s style of management — he considers himself to be a visionary and very forward-thinking. In his opinion, the management team of any organization should be the same way.

Within the next five years, Lee expects the company to realize significant growth in both the power supply portion of the business and the LED lighting portion.

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