Beyond the Basics: Making good hires

Raj Fernando, CEO, Chopper Trading

Mitch Lowe found himself in an enviable position when Redbox Automated Retail LLC really began to take off. But the popularity also came with a few challenges. Namely, how do you sort through all the people who suddenly want to come and work for you?

“You start to have a lot of folks who are trying to get jobs there who are really good at presenting themselves, but are not so good at fitting in with the culture or the style of the company,” says Lowe, president at Redbox.

Lowe decided major changes were needed. In the end, he came up with a system that involves more people in the hiring process at Redbox. Here’s what other leaders we’ve spoken to recently said about what they look for when hiring. 

“We hire people who are bright, inquisitive, have high energy and high integrity, and one of the most important things is what I call intellectual curiosity. They are interested in what’s going on around them.”

— Richard A. Chaifetz, chairman and CEO, ComPsych Corp. 

“We don’t care how much money somebody’s going to make us; if they’re going to make all of us miserable, we don’t want them here.”

— Raj Fernando, CEO, Chopper Trading 

“People do business with people that they like, trust and then ultimately respect. That goes whether you’re a customer, a supplier or an employee.”

— Tim Jahnke, president and CEO, Elkay Manufacturing Co. 

Summary: Look for people who are interested in what you do. Don’t underestimate character in prospective employees. Treat people the way you would like to be treated.