Bill Lambert, President and CEO, MSA — The Safety Company

Bill Lambert, President and CEO, MSA — The Safety Company


As president and CEO of MSA — The Safety Company, Bill Lambert oversees the company’s global portfolio of business managed through the company’s three primary business segments: MSA North America, MSA International and MSA Europe.

One of Lambert’s career highlights at MSA, a leading innovator and provider of quality safety products and instruments, was developing the patented Quick-Fill system. This system is an accessory for MSA air masks that allows firefighters to quickly replenish their air supplies in emergency or routine-use situations.

Lambert was also instrumental in developing the company’s seven core values — integrity, customer focus, speed and agility, innovation and change, diversity and inclusion, teamwork, and engagement. To communicate these values, Lambert did a series of podcasts that were disseminated to all 5,300 MSA employees.

As part of Lambert’s commitment to safety, MSA sends design team members to various fire academies where they listen to the concerns of firefighters and observe them using safety equipment in potentially life-threatening situations. This enables the team to improve MSA’s products. This commitment to quality and safety is why seven out of 10 firefighters in the world wear helmets designed by MSA.

Through the MSA Charitable Foundation, Lambert and his co-workers actively support a broad range of philanthropic organizations and work hard to give back to the communities where they operate. The company participates in disaster relief, whether the need is for safety equipment, training rescue workers or donating funds. It also partners with United Way and was inducted into the United Way Hall of Fame in 2006.

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