Blazing his own trail


It was a challenge that seemed particularly daunting. Andrew Beck was prepared to walk away from his steady job and prepare to launch his own asset management firm. He did this despite a lack of experience in the world of institutional asset management and a lack of institutional clients.

Plus, there was the fact that he was bringing other people into this venture — people he had worked with and gotten know at his previous job.

But Beck had the courage to try it and the commitment to know that he would succeed. And succeed he has with River Road Asset Management LLC.

He built a compelling business plan that secured the funding he needed to make it work. He worked with his team to develop a formal investment strategy that would help clients to be scalable as the firm grew. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he prepared himself for the challenge and was ready to meet it.

The co-founder, president and senior portfolio manager at River Road makes sure his people know how much he values them. Whether it is through their compensation, the incentives he puts out for his employees or the lunch and fully stocked snack cabinet at the office, Beck makes sure they see that he cares.

These efforts are reflected in the firm’s low turnover rate. The culture is built on a foundation of dedication and commitment where employees are expected to work hard, but know that their efforts will be recognized.

But it’s not just in the workplace where employees are expected to give their all. Beck encourages them to further their own educations and obtain important professional certifications with costs for the training and education covered by the firm.

How to reach: River Road Asset Management LLC, (502) 371-4100 or