Blytheco infuses charity at fundraising events ― and even at the office coin jar

Stephen P. Blythe, CEO, Blytheco LLC

Medical Mutual 2011 Pillar Award
for Community Service — Columbus

If employees at Blytheco LLC have an idea how to help the American Cancer Society and the Relay for Life, they really don’t even need to ask for permission from Stephen P. Blythe. Rest assured, permission will be granted, and Blythe’s enthusiastic and passionate support will be offered toward making it a complete success.

It’s a spirit of giving that the CEO regularly promotes at the company.

Among the ideas, a snack basket containing a variety of healthy snacks that employees can purchase in the company kitchen. There are pizza lunches, ice cream socials, build-your-own salad bars and partnership with local restaurants that add to the contribution Blytheco, a business software company, can make to the effort to fight cancer.

Even the coin jar that sits at the front desk at Blytheco and collects loose change that employees may have in their pockets or in their purse is a little bit more that can be contributed to a great cause.

Blythe himself encourages employees to be passionate about their efforts by living his passion for piloting aircraft and making it a part of the reward for employee contributions.

“Charitable flights are a terrific way to contribute to the community while doing something you love,” Blythe says.

Blythe is a part of LIGA International, which helps those in need in Mexico by delivering goods through the air.

“Through LIGA, I get to contribute the skills I developed in my business life ― accounting and business background, website development, business systems ― while at the same time engaging in areas that provide a personal reward for my contribution, my passion for travel and flying.”

The spirit of giving is something that Blythe encourages and enthusiastically supports at each day at Blytheco. The result is a team that is always ready to do more to help those in need.

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