Bob Beauchamp, chairman and CEO, BMC Software In

Transformational CEO – Award Recipient

Bob Beauchamp is known across the technology industry for the high standards that he embodies in every aspect of his personal and professional life.

When Beauchamp was named BMC Software Inc.’s CEO in January 2001, he saw an opportunity to set an innovative, new direction for the company. Working closely with customers and the BMC leadership team, he drove the creation of Business Service Management.

An integrated IT management platform, BSM enables CIOs around the world to harness the power of physical, virtual and cloud computing to help drive revenue, improve margins and achieve other key business objectives — an unprecedented leap forward in an industry renowned for its pioneering prowess.

In an era where every business event is also an IT event, BSM has dramatically reshaped both IT and business operations, establishing BMC as both a significant innovator and the leader in this space. BMC offers a united BSM platform that simplifies and automates IT processes, improves decision-making and orchestrates workflow across cloud, virtual, distributed and mainframe resources.

BSM takes the IT you already have and adds to it the visibility and control of a unified platform. The results are significant, including a downtime reduction of up to 75 percent, the ability to deliver services up to 30 percent more efficiently, the ability to deliver new services up to 50 percent faster and to effectively centralize planning and budgeting with visibility into more than 95 percent of your IT spend.

BMC has, in particular, formed a fanatical focus on the needs of midmarket businesses. Organizations with 500 to 5,000 employees have specific IT needs, which is why BMC tailors its BSM solutions to customers’ requirements — recognizing that one size does not fit all.

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