How Brad Stroh built by creating a team of entrepreneurs

Find the right people

At first, had to operate with a very restricted budget, resources and staff. When growing a company from scratch, you hire entrepreneurial people to get it off the ground and drive growth. But after your business is established, your people have to maintain that momentum.

As the former captain of his college lacrosse team, Stroh builds his team at by hiring people with the same athletic spirit of teamwork and competitiveness to drive continuous improvement.

“They want to compete,” he says. “They don’t want to work at IBM. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but they want to be a part of something that’s growing and challenges them.”

That means Stroh looks for people who don’t just care about making money but who really care about helping people solve problems. He’s found that employee referrals are the best way to find people who can thrive in the culture.

“The vast majority of our new hires are referred by existing employees,” Stroh says. “That’s always the best place for us to get new, great hires, because it’s someone who embraces our culture, values it, and they’ve worked with other people where they say, ‘This individual would be a great fit here.’”