Bradley Oleshansky, president and CEO, BIG Communications LLC

Bradley OleshanskyWinner, Business Services

A lifelong entrepreneur, Bradley Oleshansky came to BIG Communications LLC with a vision of growth and possibilities. When he joined BIG, the company didn’t have a human resources team, and there were no employee benefits and only a few employees on the payroll.

Oleshansky quickly saw that BIG needed to grow organically, from the inside out, and began to emphasize that strategy moving forward.

Oleshansky built an internal sales group that focuses on drafting product offerings and an external sales team that focuses on making cold calls to prospective clients to sell these products. This approach frees up time by breaking up the workload, making it possible to sell more work and create better proposals.

In addition, Oleshansky has developed a medical team, which consists of a chief medical officer and other clinicians. These are subject matter experts who help with the delivering of the services. The involvement of these people has resulted in BIG gaining instant credibility with its customers.

Oleshansky has pushed to keep BIG focused in the pharmaceutical industry, operating as a health care relationship management company. He was able to take the unique training products created by the company and combine the creative ability with consumer marketing. BIG’s staff has started producing media-based training presentations and combined modern entertainment with these presentations to give them an exciting feel. The company has also created advertisements and knowledge-based resources for their pharmaceutical clients, to educate customers while convincing them to purchase BIG’s products.

The next step was to bring all of the operations in house, which Oleshansky did by creating a state-of-theart audio and Web design facilities to give his team the latest technology at their fingertips.

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