Brian Fielkow, president, Jetco Delivery

Logistics & Industrial Services — Finalist

In 2006, Brian Fielkow risked his entire net worth and purchased Jetco Delivery.

The purchase fulfilled Fielkow’s dream of owning his own business — a dream that hasn’t wavered, even when he and the company faced the Great Recession a few years ago.

As the trucking industry slid to a halt, Fielkow worked tirelessly to ensure Jetco did not fall victim. Instead, he focused on what Jetco could control, promised not to lay off employees, committed to keeping employees and customers involved and informed and invested in technology and Jetco’s fleet, capitalizing on his clients’ needs and taking advantage of a weakened market.

Fielkow had the resources available to invest in Jetco’s fleet during the recession by properly managing the company’s balance sheet and ensuring his lender was aware and supportive of his plan to not only survive but thrive.

His decision to take a contrarian approach proved worthwhile. Because Jetco stayed true to its employees and customers, they remained dedicated to Jetco. The downturn enabled Jetco to cement and redefine customer relationships.

These loyal relationships have enabled Fielkow to challenge industry conventions and change many aspects of the business. Jetco now features GPS in all of its trucks, has one of the youngest fleets in the region and uses technology aggressively to create value for customers.

In addition to relationships with employees and customers, Fielkow has also formed relationships within the community. Jetco donated a trailer to Junior Achievement for its mobile finance park, and Fielkow is a member of the organization’s board of directors.

In addition, through Junior Achievement’s job shadow program, Jetco regularly welcomes students to its office, showing them a day in the life in the logistics industry. Jetco also supports the Children’s Assessment Center annually through its Christmas toy drive.

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