Brian Fitzgerald, founder and president; Aaron Broder, co-founder and CEO, Evolve Media Corp.

Brian Fitzgerald, co-founder and president, Evolve Media Corp.

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Brian Fitzgerald and Aaron Broder’s high standards for life and business are focused on putting forth maximum effort in whatever they do. Not only did this common factor bring the business partners together, but it also allowed them to grow Evolve Media Corp. into the successful digital media company it is today.

Broder’s determination to be successful is rooted in the idea of not only working hard but also working smart. When he encounters an obstacle, he feels it’s important to understand why the obstacle is there in the first place and how best to avoid it in the future. Meanwhile, when Fitzgerald sets a goal, he does everything in his power to fulfill it.

He credits his laserlike focus for allowing him to get where he is today. It’s this combination of working smart and sheer determination that has made them such a winning team. While they may have differing approaches, there’s no question that both Broder and

Aaron Broder, co-founder and CEO, Evolve Media Corp.

Fitzgerald are risk takers. Neither man had any prior knowledge, experience nor preconceived notions of the industry, and yet they still took a leap of faith and launched the company.

Within Evolve, Broder and Fitzgerald have built an ad sales training program for college graduates. The company is a leading gateway for young people to learn digital media. They have also created an open company culture where the person best positioned to lead and produce will be given the responsibility no matter what age, gender or ethnicity.

These efforts have had a tremendous effect on company moral. The changes have had a positive effect on all employees who feel their input is valued. Employees in general are able to build a career within the company.

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