Brian Monahan, co-founder & chief idea guy & Matthew Monahan, co-founder and CEO, Inflection

Brian Monahan, co-founder and chief idea guy, Inflection


Brothers Matthew and Brian Monahan knew that their mother wasn’t pleased when they dropped out of their respective universities — University of Southern California and Harvard — to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. But as it turns out, becoming college dropouts was a critical first step toward a bright future in business.

Matthew Monahan, co-founder and CEO, Inflection

With their ambition and natural business acumen, the Monahan brothers have nurtured their big idea for simplifying the public’s access to public records into big success with Inflection. After Matthew sold his first company, the pair founded Inflection as an online people search business in 2006. To get the company off the ground, Matthew and Brian headed to Silicon Valley with no venture capital money and few connections, living without a salary for the first few years as they worked to craft the technology and vision for the business.

From day one, Inflection has been profitable, thanks to a business model and proprietary technology platform that the brothers designed to manage billions of public records. Six years later, the company is attracting 15 million unique visitors annually with its PeopleSmart and brands.

As the largest U.S. public records database in the world with great financial success, the brothers now focus their attention on developing Inflection’s culture, with Matthew serving as the company’s CEO and Brian as its “chief idea guy.”  Together, they work hard to foster a culture of social consciousness and philanthropy, which attracts and retains a team of talented employees and leaders, including the former president of, the former vice president of finance at Netflix, the founder of Adaptive Path and LinkedIn’s support director.

Future plans for the business involve furthering its vision to connect the global community online through new innovation and two major new product releases in 2012.

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