Bright ideas

Michael Rojas, CEO,Ayalogic Inc.

Michael Rojas is not an executive who waits for brilliant ideas
to fall onto his desk. Instead, he is often seen writing feverishly
at the whiteboard, troubleshooting or gathering his team to
announce his next exciting innovation.

The CEO of Akron-based Ayalogic Inc. manages his software
and telecommunications company with passion and enthusiasm,
and his clients and staff are constantly inspired by his accessibility and excitement. Working on the front line, Rojas serves as a
role model and encourages his employees to share their innovative ideas.

Ayalogic’s Qmunicate solution integrates voice, text and document transfer tools into a single platform, reducing costs and
enabling businesses to dramatically improve their management
of communications technologies. With a patent pending for this
software, Rojas plans to add it to the eight patents he already
holds for previous innovative solutions.

HOW TO REACH: Ayalogic Inc., or (330) 253-2700

Len Pagon Jr., President and CEO, Brulant Inc.

Companies that want to maintain an innovative edge must have
insight and vision, and Len Pagon Jr. combines both as president
and CEO of Beachwood-based Brulant Inc.

The high-growth company fuses the creative design and Internet
marketing capabilities of an interactive agency with deep technology expertise and Big 5 management consulting firm knowledge
and approach.

Through Pagon’s stewardship, Brulant has sustained remarkable
revenue growth over the past four years with a compound growth
rate of 70 percent, has successfully executed several acquisitions
and spin-offs, and has remained financially stable throughout its

Among its recent cutting-edge projects, Brulant created an interactive media experience for Nationwide Financial customers,
redesigned and rebuilt the Philosophy Cosmetics Web site, developed an innovative solution for an IBM tool, and established visualization tools for Pearle Vision and Johnsonite flooring company.

HOW TO REACH: Brulant Inc., or (216) 896-8900

Victoria Tifft, President, Clinical Research Management Inc.

While serving as an infections disease control biologist
with the U.S. Peace Corps in West Africa, Victoria Tifft contracted malaria and returned to the U.S. with a commitment
to spend her life working to provide treatments for infectious diseases.

Tifft started Hinckley-based Clinical Research Management
Inc. with three employees in 1996, and the company has
grown to more than 200 employees and 2006 revenue of
more than $19 million. CRM is a full-service clinical research
organization that supports the development of FDA-regulated vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

In addition to partnerships with veteran-owned small businesses, CRM is working with larger Northeast Ohio institutions
to expand business opportunities. CRM’s sister company, M3
Clinical, opened in October 2006 to focus on monitoring, auditing and data management of drug and device trials for the commercial and academic sectors.

HOW TO REACH: Clinical Research Management Inc., (330) 278-2343 or