Bryan Johnson, founder and chairman, Braintree Inc.

Bryan Johnson, founder and chairman, Braintree Inc.

FINALIST: Emerging Entrepreneur

Bryan Johnson built Braintree Inc. out of a path that started with empty pockets. In 2003, broke and unable to pay his bills, Johnson accepted the only job he could find: a commission-only, door-to-door sales position for a company that offered credit card processing services to businesses.

In his first year with the company, Johnson became the No. 1 salesperson out of 400 nationwide. Through his sales success, Johnson saw an opportunity to start his own business and founded Braintree while pursuing his MBA at the University of Chicago.

Johnson describes Braintree as the smartphone of online credit card payments. Until Braintree brought its services to market, online merchants were largely stuck with payment software from dated providers. Braintree changed that by modernizing technology and creating novel solutions for both old and emerging problems.

For customers, the result has culminated in solutions that include quicker integration, increased security, a lessened compliance burden and better user experiences.

Braintree achieved its positive results through the efforts of Johnson and his team, who focused on building a dynamic platform capable of improving all surrounding aspects of payments, including credit card storage, recurring bills, PCI compliance minimization and international acceptance. With Braintree, merchants can quickly build secure and comprehensive payment solutions into their business, freeing them to focus on their own products and services.

Culture has also played a significant role in Braintree’s successful development. With no traditional managers, no vacation policy and no detailed job descriptions, Braintree harbors a culture where the most talented people can thrive, resulting in low turnover. In five years, Braintree has seen only two employees leave, in both cases due to external circumstances. ■

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