Building a legacy


John Hoffman had legacy in mind when he launched Black Elk Energy. He wanted his oil and gas company to be one that found high-producing properties and tapped into them responsibly with as little disruption to the environment as possible.

Black Elk focuses on growth in the delivery of North American high-rate natural gas because it is abundant, efficient, clean burning and has less environmental impact than other forms of nonrenewable energy. This tight focus positions the company to become a leader among small independents that will help meet the demand that is expected to occur as natural gas becomes the dominant clean fuel for the United States, and Hoffman anticipates major growth this year and beyond through the acquisition of moderate to large legacy assets

As president and CEO, Hoffman is committed to going above and beyond regulatory requirements to make sure Black Elk protects the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are monitored closely and the company uses the latest technology to make sure equipment is operating smoothly and efficiently.

Through Hoffman’s leadership, the company has followed a strategy that has enabled it to obtain financing, invest in properties that show potential for high rates of return and be positioned to expand rapidly. He relies on a talented group of professionals with years of experience to continue making smart decisions for the business.

And to foster that talent, Hoffman has built a work environment that focuses on collaboration and relies on its people to continue driving superior performance. Every employee is recognized for his or her unique ability, experience, skills and competencies both as individuals and professionals.

But it’s not all about business at Black Elk. While the company is committed to its mission and to its customers, Hoffman also wants his employees to give back to their communities and he continues to put Black Elk in position to be a solid corporate citizen.

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