Building character

Michael Jarrett, president, Jarrett Logistics Systems

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On his daily walkthrough of the warehouses and offices of Jarrett Logistics Systems (JLS), President Michael Jarrett likes to stop and talk personally with employees in the company’s different departments. Having an open-door policy, where he is available and approachable for employees, is one of the ways Jarrett keeps new ideas flowing and innovation rampant at JLS — a company that offers supply chain management services, such as transportation management, freight bill auditing and payment, premium freight management and claims processing.

For Jarrett, accomplishing the company’s goal of becoming the best logistics company in the industry comes down to three areas of focus: business ethics, employee character and operational efficiency. Under his leadership, the company has worked hard to get employees engaged in all three ways, in and outside of work. An example is the company’s wellness program, which promotes healthy lifestyle choices through health testing and educational activities such as “lunch and learn” sessions for employees. JLS team members also play an active role in the community, participating in charities and community projects throughout Northeast Ohio. Jarrett personally sets an example through his volunteer and leadership roles in a number of local organizations, including Junior Achievement, Main Street Orville, Heartland Education Committee and others.

Additionally, JLS puts a special focus on driving innovation among its employees to develop more cost-effective and efficient supply chain solutions for manufacturing companies, wholesalers and distributors. This includes enhancing its leading-edge logistics software, partnering with high-growth companies, employing top personnel and designing flexible and custom solutions that are low cost for businesses.

By continuing to invest heavily in integrity-based, skilled people and leading-edge supply chain technology, Jarrett has helped position JLS to become a one-stop shop for its customers’ supply chain needs while steadily increasing the company’s economic impact in Northeast Ohio. As a result of these efforts, JLS has earned significant recognitions, including Inc. 500, Weatherhead 100 and Cascade Capital Business Growth designations.

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