Building relationships

At S&A Consulting Group LLP, great customer service is as simple as building

Led by Nipendra and Rita Singh, the engineering and management consulting services
group has made a name for itself by bucking
the trends of the consulting services industry,
where holding onto a client for 10 or 15 years
is a rarity.

Their philosophy is price will become less
of an issue to clients if you give them value
above and beyond what they’re expecting.
That’s why S&A goes out of its way to make
a personal connection with clients, getting to
know their families and their personal likes
and dislikes.

The personal connection that S&A develops with its clients helps build trust, and it’s
that sense of trust that has kept clients loyal
to S&A for many years.

S&A also nurtures client relationships by
tailoring its services to meet client needs.
With a client roster that covers a vast spectrum of companies, from single entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500, S&A has to remain
responsive to a wide range of needs. With
that in mind, S&A consultants are taught the
numerous disciplines and communication
techniques needed to respond to each of the
group’s clients.

That philosophy crosses geographical borders, as well. With clients as far away as
China, India and Russia, S&A makes it a point
to learn and appreciate different cultures
from around the world.

If clients from another country arrive in
Cleveland on business, S&A handles their
travel arrangements while in town, provides
translators if needed, arranges meetings or
even takes them to their favorite restaurants.

When it comes to customer service, S&A
believes that everything and every day matters. From rolling out the red carpet to bowing 15 times a day, S&A does whatever it
takes to serve its clients.

HOW TO REACH: S&A Consulting Group LLP, (216) 593-0050