Building trust

It’s not enough for Cohen & Co. to say
that it helps clients prepare tax returns
or provides them with a regular financial statement.

President and CEO Randall Myeroff
wants his firm to be a trusted business
adviser, a place clients can feel comfortable discussing the things that keep them
up at night or the concerns they may have
about the future.

Cohen & Co. has built its reputation on
being an advocate of the entrepreneur and
privately held businesses that are the foundation of Northeast Ohio. To maintain that
reputation, Cohen & Co. employees strive
each day to get to know their clients on a
personal level so they can provide them
with the best and most comprehensive
advice possible.

When clients are facing a major business
decision, the firm sets up meetings to discuss the potential impact the move could
have on the client’s business. Once a decision is made, the firm continues to keep in
touch with the client to evaluate the results
and determine the next move.

Surveys are used regularly to gather feedback and help firm employees address
areas of concern so that they can continue
providing top-notch service to their clients.

The firm’s leadership often talks about
the three-legged stool that Cohen & Co. is
built upon. The three legs are: client service, technical expertise and community. In
order for the firm to be in balance, just like
the stool, each leg needs to be the same.

Employees need to keep current with
new laws and regulations and develop a
network of people that can help clients in
situations where the firm cannot.

Cohen & Co. also believes that service is
part of the firm’s culture, both inside the
firm’s offices and outside in the community. By maintaining that focus, the firm is
able to develop leaders in both venues.

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