Burton Goldfield president and CEO, TriNet

Burton Goldfield president and CEO, TriNet


The job of the entrepreneur is to create the vision and the passion that drive a company. That’s the belief motivating Burton Goldfield, who’s used his blended engineering and business background to innovate at California-based TriNet.

Joining the company as president and CEO in 2008, Goldfield immediately set about making changes to grow TriNet — a 750-person human resources outsourcing firm specializing in managing benefits, payroll, recruiting and employee performance management. Despite opposition, Goldfield set his sights on raising money to acquire a larger, public competitor — Gevity — in 2009 to expand TriNet’s client base, which jumped from 2,000 to 5,000 clients as a result.

Goldfield didn’t stop there. He rejected the professional employer organization industry’s traditional “one size fits all” approach and developed innovative packages of services tailored to fit particular client industry needs. These efforts benefit not only the client but the general workforce. Last year, the company’s clients created 9,000 net new jobs — enjoying 10 percent annualized growth during a down economy.

Under the four years of Goldfield’s leadership to date, TriNet has added more than 20 new products and services and seen sales more than double. The company’s latest initiative is expanding its mobile applications to foster further success for entrepreneurs. TriNet aims to broaden its applications to encompass the total life of the entrepreneur, such as applications for expense management and stock options administration.

Burton is dedicated to philanthropy as much as entrepreneurship. He has served on numerous philanthropic boards and is currently on the Pacific Regional Advisory Council for the National Parks Conservation Association. He supports the American Diabetes Association, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and SF Jazz, while TriNet is actively involved in RoundPegg and The Entrepreneurs Foundation.

HOW TO REACH: TriNet, www.trinet.com