C.A.R.E.ing service

SS&G Financial Services Inc. puts a
high value on customer service, and it
shows — in 2006, more than 96 percent of clients responding to a performance
survey said they were “extremely satisfied”
with their overall experience with the firm.

SS&G’s commitment to customer service is
reflected in its mission statement: “SS&G
provides professional services of the highest
quality and value that enable our clients to thrive. We promote a collaborative culture for our employees, are
committed to the communities in which we operate and continue to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit
that is the foundation for our organization.”

Following that philosophy, the firm — led
by Gary Shamis and Mark Goldfarb —
believes that the formula for a successful
partnership is an investment in getting to
know its clients, their business and their
industry, and assessing their needs both for
the near future and for the long term.

And that applies to all clients, not just the
biggest ones. SS&G believes that every
client is a VIP, and simply because one is
bigger, more accomplished, has more revenue, is more profitable or uses more services than another firm does not change the
level of customer service it provides.

Client service is the foundation of SS&G’s
business philosophy, and it is imperative
that all employees provide the best customer service possible to clients. To do so,
SS&G follows the C.A.R.E. philosophy —
its Customers Are Really Everything. So in
addition to technology training, each office
has programs that provide continuing education seminars on etiquette, workplace
efficiency and being a better manager, all
geared toward enhanced customer service.

And a yearly companywide retreat focuses specifically on how the firm can provide
better superior client service, after which
recharged employees go back to the office
to practice what they’ve learned.

HOW TO REACH: SS&G Financial Services, www.ssandg.com