Casting a wide net

Bernie Stevens, President and CEO, PowerNet Global

Under the leadership of President and CEO Bernie Stevens, PowerNet Global will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the telecommunications industry this year. What makes this achievement even more significant is that the Fairfield, Ohio-based company continues to operate and live by the same values it was founded on in 1992. That includes a commitment to taking care of its customers and also its local communities.

Many organizations have benefited from the financial contributions of the PowerNet as well as the personal contributions of individual employees.

PowerNet continually gives back a percentage of its profits to support local communities and ministries around the world. The company’s Global Social Committee also hosts events and fundraisers that consist of fun and often team-driven activities throughout the year. This gives the company’s employees opportunities to support local charities as well as build a spirit of camaraderie with colleagues. Some examples include sponsoring employees to participate in the “Heart Mini Marathon Run or Walk” each spring and hosting a companywide “Biggest Loser Contest,” from which half of the proceeds went to the Fairfield Food Pantry. Last summer, the committee also put on a series of summer social events for employees that included activities and incentives such as free ice cream and poker walks to motivate employees as well as a canned food drive.

PowerNet also encourages its employees to give freely to their local communities outside of work, whether it’s through financial donations, fundraising or volunteering time. Employees of PowerNet participate in a variety of charitable organizations, including the American Heart Association, The Healing Center, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and others. To support people in their individual efforts, the company offers employees “Charitable PTO,” which allows them to allocate up to eight hours of time on their calendar annually to give back to their preferred charities and nonprofit organizations.

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