Change agent

Mike Simmons is the chairman, CEO and
co-founder of T2 Systems Inc. Simmons has
led the company through 12 years of exponential self-funded growth and continues to
set T2’s corporate strategy and champion its

Simmons is committed to his employees
and, more importantly, his customers’ success. He has focused his business on providing high-level customer service and
attributes T2’s success to focusing on developing relationships with customers and providing key after-sale support and services.

In 2007, T2 found it harder to maintain its
high standard of service and customer
care because of rapid growth. Simmons realized it was time to change how the company
sells, delivers and supports its technology
solutions. Working with his leadership team,
he established a customer relationship management organization uniting sales, solution
delivery and support. This group is collectively incentivized to sell, deliver and support solutions in a way that creates happy
customers and achieves company financial
objectives. Through the first quarter of 2008,
the group has already met and exceeded
revenue goals and significantly improved
the customer experience.

As Simmons was working on how to best
organize the company’s resources, he continually opened himself up to customers
and employees. Through town-hall and individual meetings with customers and
employees, he worked to incorporate their
feedback into T2’s strategy. His focus on his
customers’ success is ultimately what has
made him successful.

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