Charitable investments

Timothy Johnson, founder, president and CEO, Johnson Investment Counsel Inc.

Most companies these days look to give to charitable causes whether it is through volunteering time and talent or giving donations, but rarely do you find that more than 50 percent of a company gets involved. For Timothy Johnson, founder, president and CEO of Johnson Investment Counsel Inc., a provider of comprehensive investment management and financial advisory services, 50 percent employee participation would be subpar.

Among the company’s employees, 78 percent of them volunteer their time to more than 144 different nonprofit organizations, churches or schools. All members of Johnson Investment Counsel believe in being an active member in your community and giving back in order to thrive as a company. It is this level of devotion that has made charitable giving part of the company’s culture.

The company encourages all of its employees to get involved in local organizations for the betterment of the community and provides support to employees who choose to join the boards of these types of community organizations. The company makes sure to help employees in these positions by providing monetary support as well as time during the business day to attend meetings and organizational events.

The company also has put in place a Corporate Citizenship Committee to get the business involved in the community through service projects. The committee helps arrange everything from serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House, building a playground at a local YMCA, to spreading mulch for neighborhood associations.

The company doesn’t just sustain the interests of its employees regarding community service; it encourages clients, as well. Created in 2004, the Johnson Charitable Gift Fund enables clients to create and manage endowments and donor-advised funds. From 2007 to date, more than $22 million has been given to nonprofit organizations from this entity alone. More than a quarter of a billion dollars are held in 365 charitable trusts, endowments, foundations and other charitable accounts that have been directed to charity by Johnson Investment Counsel’s clients.

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