Charles Puccini, president and CEO, Bauer Foundation Corp.

Charles Puccini, Bauer Foundation Corp.

AWARD RECIPIENT – Real Estate and Construction

Charles Puccini

president and CEO

Bauer Foundation Corp.

Charles “Chuck” Puccini, president and CEO of Bauer Foundation Corp., knows technology and innovation drive change, and those who don’t keep up with it will fall behind. Puccini has driven the company, which provides deep foundation services for the construction industry, to success using this principle.

One such innovative solution Puccini made at Bauer Foundation was expanding payroll to include more sales positions, which enables the company to be creative and more attuned to the needs of clients.

As a result, the company wins clients by bringing everything to the sales table, including a team of motivated and talented workers to perform a quality job.

Some of Bauer Foundation’s other innovative developments under Puccini’s guidance include using advanced technology to mitigate the effects of construction in and around the affected areas on projects and using recycled materials in their products.

Other developments include spearheading projects concentrated in solar and PV power to promote renewable and responsible energy, manufacturing products for reuse of storm water to reduce potable water use for irrigation and chillers, and using geothermal heating and cooling to reduce energy usage.

These efforts also separate Puccini and Bauer Foundation from similar leaders and companies, where downsizing is more typical under the economic pressures that exist today.

Puccini also separates himself in his commitment to the community. He is a key corporate partner of Kettering University and provides career experience for engineering students to leverage their education and provide job placement after college.

He also is actively involved in the Career Technical Education Foundation, which is a program that partners local businesses with local schools to promote the advancement of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

He also participates in economic development counsels for several areas in Florida.

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