Chasing a dream

For nearly a decade, Kevin Chase
bucked the family tradition of entrepreneurship, instead choosing to work for
large corporations.

While his father and five of his siblings
owned their own businesses, Chase took a
different road and worked for plastic suppliers. But while on the job, he recognized that
the industry was moving away from personal interactions and customer service, things
he felt were important. So, sensing a need in
the market, Chase left his job, and he and his
wife, Carole, founded Chase Plastic Services
Inc. in 1992 with a commitment to superior
customer service.

The Chases — Kevin is president and
Carole is vice president — have built the business on six core values: customer satisfaction, execution, independence, high expectations, teamwork and integrity, which permeate the culture at Chase Plastics.

They also build relationships within the
company, promoting teamwork from the top
down. The couple have worked in every
function in the company — including operating forklifts and delivering orders — promoting strong relationships with employees and
generating loyalty.

Chase Plastics has also achieved success
by not being tied to one specific industry; the
company generates substantial revenue in
the medical, marina, automotive and furniture industries. The Chases have passed on
opportunities to supply global organizations
when they felt they would lose some control
of operations and deviate from their core values.

HOW TO REACH: Chase Plastic Services Inc., (248) 620-2120