Cindy Taylor, President and CEO, Oil States International Inc.

Cindy Taylor, President and CEO, Oil States International Inc.


As CEO of Oil States International Inc., Cindy Taylor leads by example, demonstrating her high standards and dedication to transparency.

Key to Oil States’ success has been her ability to leverage the talents of the many people within the company. Taylor believes in “distributive leadership,” which requires the retention of experienced, qualified personnel and employment of new talent as times change. These two groups are blended together to achieve the most favorable result.

Taylor also focuses on the well-being of the more than 7,900 employees at the oilfield services company, striving to maximize shareholders’ value and build and maintain long-term relationships on trust and integrity.

Taylor manages the company as if everyone on the team is family. She has had little to no turnover at the executive level during her tenure as CEO. Most of executive management has been with Oil States for more than 10 years.

This has led to specialization and a unique commitment from all team members. Taylor has developed a team of experienced individuals who understand and practice the company’s commitments and are focused to achieving a common goal.

Taylor has a busy schedule as a CEO and mother of three boys but still finds time and resources to give back to the community. She is especially active in local community organizations that impact children and their development.

Her community involvements include board positions and fundraising support for organizations such as St. John’s Catholic Church, the facilities advisory committee to the Columbia Brazoria Independent School District, West Columbia Little League, West Columbia Youth Basketball Association, Boy Scouts of America, United Way of Brazoria County, the Brazoria County Chapter of the American Red Cross and Texas Children’s Hospital.

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