Client care

The mission statement of S&A
Consulting Group LLP states that the
firm is committed to make an upfront investment of its time and resources for
its clients’ future growth and prosperity.

With a statement like that, principals Nip
and Rita Singh and their team are prepared
to provide solutions to their clients’ challenges at the Cleveland-based management
consulting firm.

S&A’s clients range
from single entrepreneurs to Fortune 500
companies worldwide,
but its consultants are
taught to value each
client irrespective of the
material transactions. They also understand
that satisfied customers will not only return
to the firm but refer friends and associates,
as well.

The firm only takes on the work it can
handle, and the consultants keep their
client base to a manageable size so the
delivery of service and quality of projects
does not suffer.

The firm’s customer service philosophy
starts with building a true friendship with
its clients. Once the trust is established,
the client knows its consultants will do
anything for it above and beyond the
boundaries of business.

As a way to maintain client relationships, S&A’s consultants routinely call
clients to see if the firm can assist with
anything that will ease the clients’ day-today work load. The more the firm stays in
touch, the better its clients feel because
the consultants are able to catch problems before they arise and work with the
to avoid costly mistakes.

The Singhs say all businesspeople are in
the hospitality business. They are order-takers who need to understand and listen
to what clients want and deliver the right
results, along with gestures of kindness.
These warm feelings start at the top, and
owners must set an example so employees will follow and practice the emphasis
on customer care.

HOW TO REACH: S&A Consulting Group LLP, (216) 593-0050 or