Columbus health-care leader


  • Physiatrist, Mount Carmel Medical Center
    We take care of people with an entire gamut of problems: musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, neck pain, sprains, sports injuries, chronic low-back pain and headaches, to the more serious neurological musculoskeletal disorders like strokes and head injuries. We try to improve the way people do things in life with a minimum amount of pain and a maximum amount of function.

  • Assistant clinical professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, The Ohio State University
    I’m a graduate of Ohio State and I did my residency there. Ever since then, I’ve been on the teaching faculty. I have residents who rotate through Mount Carmel. I teach classes in areas such as ice therapy, fibromyalgia, the Social Security disability system and the realities of practicing medicine in today’s world.

  • Former president, Ohio State Medical Association
    When I was president of OSMA, managed care was just rolling into Ohio, and one of the things we did was to set up a very large educational effort for our physicians on what managed care is, what managed care could be, what managed care may be. We also had a very large program educating physicians on identifying family violence in areas such as child, spousal and elderly abuse.

  • Former president, Columbus Medical Association
    The Columbus Medical Association, formerly known as The Academy of Medicine of Columbus, started Physicians Health Plan. PHP was the first managed care product in the Columbus area, and it was designed and instituted by physicians.

  • Ohio delegate, American Medical Association
    I’m among 14 delegates from Ohio elected to serve a two-year term. We go to an AMA meeting twice a year and debate all kinds of articles of interest to physicians and patients.

    In the mid-1980s, the state medical association passed a resolution recommending banning corporal punishment in the schools. We took the resolution to the AMA. They studied it for a year and came back with a [similar] resolution. Once that was passed, I took the resolution to Dublin and they passed a resolution banning corporal punishment in the Dublin schools. Subsequently, most public school districts [in Ohio] banned corporal punishment in public schools.

  • Vice president, Columbus Medical Association Foundation
    This past year, we gave out about $1.3 million in grants to different facets of the community for different projects. The Heart Association’s project last year, where they had people in the barbershops taking blood pressure, was totally funded by the foundation. It also funds the Physicians Free Clinic that works out of the Columbus Health Department and a tobacco initiative for youth smoking education.

  • Wife and mother of two grown sons
    I always said that medicine was a wonderful career for women, and the reason was that I think it’s more flexible. Once you get your education, you can do anything. You can work as many hours as you want, and you can quite frequently take time off if you want.