Committed to integrity

Health Services and Education

Jim Rogerson’s unyielding commitment to integrity was critical in his efforts to establish Therapy Partners as a trusted ally in high-quality care for older adults.

In 2001, when he was chief operating officer at Eliza Jennings Senior Care Network, Rogerson heard about an idea to contract therapy services to long-term care facilities from then-Director of Rehabilitation Lisa Stumpf. But he had several hurdles to work around before launching Therapy Partners as an independent company.

The new company would need major cash flow and Eliza Jennings, a nonprofit, did not have resources to spare. So Rogerson, in addition to locating investors, committed significant assets of his own to the project, including putting up his own home.

Next, he established guidelines for care that would ensure the quality he was after. His business model would use only experienced therapists and create a leadership team with extensive knowledge of the industry. He also committed to not working with any long-term care facility that did not meet his same expectations of high quality, even when that meant losing potential business and profit.

In 2006, Therapy Partners, a provider of rehabilitation services to long-term care communities, was ready to enter the market on its own, and Rogerson resigned from Eliza Jennings to channel his efforts into the venture. Today, Rogerson, who serves as the company’s president, is still constantly working with his team to find ways to improve. The team encourages employees to share their ideas and access additional information on the company’s staff portal, which has been the launching pad for the company’s most successful programs, including the MDS Network and the Community Reintegration program.

Rogerson also takes time to lunch with staff members to get their feedback. As a result of his leadership, the company received the NorthCoast 99 award in 2008 as one of the 99 best companies to work for in Northeast Ohio.

Going forward, Rogerson is expanding his company’s focus to home health services as the baby boomer generation strives to stay in their homes instead of moving to a nursing facility.

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