Concentrated on success

Brian Deagan, CEO, Knotice

Technology, Employee Growth/Best Story

Brian Deagan is working to change the way direct digital marketers think about the online space. As the CEO of Knotice, a company that sells digital marketing solutions and services, Deagan is convinced that many marketers could be more efficient and effective in the way they communicate with customers. And so far, he’s gotten a lot of them to agree.

In each of the last four years, Knotice has seen double-digit growth in its business — with a 58 percent increase in 2011 — and landed 15 Fortune 1000 clients. The company’s business model is based on the idea that direct digital marketing is interactive marketing that is “addressable” — you can identify the recipient of the message. So creating relevant online experiences for customers requires marketers to create targeted campaigns that span across a variety of channels, including web, mobile and email. To support this model, the company has developed its patent-pending Concentri platform, an innovative online communications product that allows marketers to target their content effectively across the Web, mobile and email channels to reach their markets. Development of this highly targeted, on-demand content delivery system has helped Knotice win business from other much larger firms, allowing it to reinvest in growth and continued innovation.

Over the past seven years, the company has hired 90 new employees, with an average salary of $75,000. And with 94 employees today, it has plans to increase its headcount even more in 2012. Adding new talent is just one of the ways Knotice invests in its infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future customers. Another area of focus and investment is customer service. With account management and technical support on call for customers 24 hours a day, the company shows its clients that it is as committed as they are to making their marketing investments a success. In an industry where customer turnover hovers around 15 percent and higher, Knotice maintains a churn rate of less than seven percent.

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