Conditioning customer service

John Rasper, President and CEO, DeKalb Office

President and CEO John Rasper’s expectations for his employees at DeKalb Office go beyond meeting high standards of customer service. The office furniture company actively challenges its staff to find new ways to improve customer satisfaction and enlists applicants and current employees in tailored boot camps to keep them in tip-top customer service shape.
Because the staff is viewed as the company’s most valued asset, attracting and retaining qualified associates is DeKalb Office’s first drill to ensure its customers have access to excellent service. Applicants are run through specialized testing programs that gauge aptitude, customer service abilities and favorable skill sets. New Hire Boot Camp is offered to associates as an orientation on company processes, allowing participants to spend time in several departments.
As the largest Steelcase dealer in the Southeast and one of only nine recognized Steelcase Exemplary Performance Dealers in the United States, DeKalb Office exercises a continuous improvement process beyond initial instruction. Product Knowledge Boot Camp keeps seasoned employees fresh and conditioned through training on Steelcase knowledge, products and services. This program improved upon the company’s previous internal product-training program, resulting in increased participation and quality of instruction.
The DeKalb leadership team also emphasizes the importance of customer service in departmental meetings, encouraging personal ownership and individual development as part of the company culture. Through activities providing quality concepts and methodologies, DeKalb Office raises the bar for employee performance. And hard work doesn’t go without reward. Those who provide exemplary customer service, as noted in customer satisfaction surveys or the Customer Letter Program, receive company recognition and their pick of an item from an incentives catalog.
DeKalb Office’s focus on employee development ensures customers receive solutions and excellent customer service from associates with high levels of service skills, integrity and product knowledge.

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