Confidence in action

Manufacturing & Distribution

It took a lot of confidence for Dilip Bhargava to move thousands of miles from his home in India to the United States to further his education in 1973.

That confidence also served him well in 1992 when he took on the daunting task of directing a steel pipe mill that had spent the past eight years sitting inactive and had no employees. But Bhargava refused to let these setbacks keep him from completing his duty of making it operable, and his success proved that he is a knowledgeable businessman with the right attitude and outlook to be a leader in today’s competitive economy.

He founded SAW Pipes USA Inc., a Houston-based manufacturer of large diameter submerged arc welded long seam pipes, and served as its president and CEO. Then, in 2000, Bhargava tested his confidence once more by investing his own money to create a new steel trading company. He wanted to use his experience in steel to create a company that could supply the piping needs of the oil and gas industry and exceed the standards set by the American Petroleum Institute. The desire to supply customers with the best possible materials at competitive prices led Bhargava to start SDB Trade International LP on the principles of giving customers complete priority and continually devising new and more efficient methods to satisfy their product requirements.

Today, the president and CEO is pushing a plan for long-term vertical integration to better meet his clients’ needs. He takes pride in the trust his clients place in the company, and its progress relies heavily on customer feedback. Again, confidence play a key role in Bhargava’s success — but in this case, it’s other people’s confidence in Bhargava.

His other passion is for education. He routinely donates to Pratham, an arm of UNICEF, to educate children in his home country. And locally, Bhargava joins in the BAPS walk, which encourages youth to build stronger communities.

How to reach: SDB Trade International LP, (713) 475-0048 or