Constructing a growing firm

FH Martin Constructors has been in
business since 1919, but it has been
in the last 12 years since R. Andrew “Andy” Martin Jr. became president that
the company has really taken off.

In 1995, Martin
assumed leadership
of the company when
his father retired;
since then, the company has broadened
its customer base
and geographic footprint, resulting in
substantial revenue growth. At the time he
took over, the company’s revenue had
declined, and there were only 15 employees. Today, there are 55, in large part as a
result of Martin’s decision to refocus on
private sector contracts. Previously, it had
worked in the public sector, a very competitive market in which the lowest bidder
won the contract regardless of history or

And while many public sector contracts
are one-time deals, the private sector provided better opportunities for repeat business.

To get that business, Martin also focused
on building long-term relationships with
clients with the goal of making FH Martin
the client’s first choice.

That decision has resulted in winning
contacts from major players such as Home
Depot and Chase, and also allowed the
company to expand outside of Southeast
Michigan. Today, 90 percent of FH Martin’s
revenue is a result of repeat business.

In addition to refocusing the business,
Martin has emphasized his company’s
culture, creating an open-door policy in
which employees — his greatest
resource — can talk to him at any time,
and emphasizing the values of integrity,
experience and results to continue growing the company.

HOW TO REACH: FH Martin Constructors, or
(586) 558-2100