Cory Wiedel and Ryan Zink, Complete Nutrition

Cory Wiedel, Complete Nutrition

Ryan Zink, Complete Nutrition


Cory Wiedel

founder and CEO

Ryan Zink

president and co-owner

Complete Nutrition

When Cory Wiedel took two years off from college to open his first business, it was ultimately unsuccessful, but the experience cemented his ambitions to be an entrepreneur. With his solid work ethic, he paid off his debt and finished school a few years later.

He soon developed an interest in the nutritional supplement business — the first step that would lead to Complete Nutrition.

Wiedel originally owned several top-producing General Nutrition Center franchises. One of his employees, Ryan Zink, eventually became his partner as the two set out to give the industry a fresh outlook on nutrition.

The key, they thought, would be to give customers more personal attention and advice in an upscale nutritional supplement store by providing better education, motivation and follow up.

It didn’t take long to come to fruition. The hundreds of Complete Nutrition stores across the nation now employ certified personal trainers, former strength coaches and other experienced fitness professionals.

Along with the consultative approach, Complete Nutrition sells products that are exclusive to the company, as well as kits and systems to customers and creating packages of products that are customized to an individual client.

As a result of this concept, 245 franchises were awarded in 2010. Growth was so fast that Wiedel, CEO and founder, and Zink, president and co-owner, decided to put a freeze on any new franchise contracts.

This was a precautionary move to make sure that existing franchisee sales figures did not suffer as more stores were added.

With the freeze on new franchises, the company could focus on building its infrastructure properly for future growth.

Complete Nutrition has been recognized by business magazines in 2011 for its outstanding growth.

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